Stunning Custom Homes

Stunning Custom Homes

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We love our Park City community and we don't think there's any better place to plan a new home build! At Renovate Park City, we also understand just how important it is that the luxury custom home of your dreams is built with the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that you deserve. With our custom home building services, we can help you design and build a stunning, fully custom home that is tailored perfectly to your needs and preferences. From inception through completion, our experienced team of custom home builders will be at hand every step of the way to ensure your project comes together seamlessly and successfully!

Design Your Perfect Home with Our Experienced Team of Contractors

High-quality craftsmanship and incredible service meet with us.

At Renovate Park City, we have assembled a team of experienced professionals who are committed to helping bring your custom home vision to life. We'll work closely with you throughout each stage of the custom home building process – from initial design consultation all the way through completion – ensuring that every detail is taken care of efficiently and effectively!

Enjoy Quality Craftsmanship and Unparalleled Attention to Detail

Every custom home built by our luxury custom home builder team reflects our commitment to providing superior craftsmanship while paying close attention to every detail throughout the entire process — no matter how small they may be! We take great pride in our workmanship as well as our customer service; we want nothing less than complete satisfaction when it comes to creating custom homes for one-of-a-kind clients like you!

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Experience Unmatched Customer Service

Our custom home building services are designed with the customer in mind. We offer comprehensive guidance, support, and advice throughout every step of the custom home building process – while still committing to capture your vision above all else.
If you're ready turn your dream custom home into reality, there’s no better builder than Renovate Park City where we specialize in helping people just like you create something truly incredible — all while staying within budget too!
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Your Dream Home, Fully Customized to You

Choose from a Wide Selection of Finishing and Upgrading Options

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  • Paint finishes are a great way to make a custom home design look custom, polished, and sophisticated. From ageless neutral hues that create an inviting atmosphere to vivid bold colors that add a distinct touch of character, custom paint finishes can transform the look and feel of any custom home. At Renovate Park City, we understand that finding the perfect color palette for custom homes can be tricky, which is why our team of contractors takes great care in helping our clients select the best paint finish that will match their desired style and budget.
  • Cabinetry options play a critical role in customizing custom homes, and at Renovate Park City we take great pride in offering the best selection of custom cabinetry for every custom home. Our expert team is always on hand to help guide clients in selecting the perfect cabinet style that perfectly complements their custom home design. We offer custom cabinetry options in a variety of styles and materials such as birch, maple, cherry, oak, hickory, walnut and more; all of which can be customized to match the desired look and feel of your custom home. From traditional shaker-style cabinets with classic lines to contemporary cabinets with sleek designs – no matter what your personal style may be, we have something that’s sure to please!
  • Not only are our custom cabinetry options stylish but they are also incredibly functional too. Choose from one-of-a-kind drawer pullouts, built-in shelving units and extra storage solutions that will maximize space while keeping everything within easy reach. We also provide custom organizational systems to help keep items neatly sorted for quick access when needed. At Renovate Park City we understand that it takes more than just aesthetics to make a custom home truly unique — which is why we pay close attention to all the details when helping our customers select the perfect cabinets for their custom home project. From carefully selecting colors that tie into overall design scheme to ensuring items like hinges and handles are securely fastened — rest assured each job will be completed by experienced contractors with quality craftsmanship that lasts for years!
  • Countertops are a great way to add custom style and character to custom homes. At Renovate Park City, we offer an extensive selection of custom countertop options to choose from, each with its own unique look and feel that perfectly complements custom home designs. From classic granite surfaces to sleek quartz countertops, elegant marble slabs to durable laminate options—our experienced team of contractors will help you select the perfect custom countertop for your custom home. With so many options available, it’s easy to find something that will match any design scheme or budget. In addition to selecting the best material for custom countertops, our team also helps ensure proper installation is completed with precision and care. We make sure all seams are tight, corners are squared, and edges are well-polished for a finished look that stands out from the rest.

Put Your Trust in Our Experienced Professionals for the Best Results

At Renovate Park City, we understand how important quality construction is when it comes building custom homes – which is why we employ only experienced professionals who have worked on many custom home projects just like yours before! With years worth of experience under their belt (and references available upon request), you can count on us for an end result that not only looks amazing but also performs excellently over time! Contact us today to get started on your custom home build.

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